Divorce Settlement Agreements – Know this!

The rules and regulations of the structured settlement are more like under an IRS. Every day there are divorce cases and settlement made though the attorneys and courts. There are many rules made and one of the IRS ruling issued in 2008, was that there are certain sell annuity payments tax benefits that both parents are entitled to, regardless of which parent claims the dependent exemption. When it comes to tax breaks both the parents can treat the child as a dependent. The divorced or the divorcing people need to know this. Whenever a couple separates or decides to separate having kids then there are lots and lots of issues, these issues need to be sorted out in the court and as a result one of them may also end up in  some sort of settlement. There are many expenses and are not easy to manage alone. Whatever the decision you make; make it on the behalf of the betterment of the both parents, even though you are not together anymore but still try not to pull each other’s Sell Structured Settlement legs. The divorcee agreements can be beneficial for both, especially if it is the tax breaks related to a kid. There are many benefits for both, and some of the tax break benefits that the parents will have are:


  • There will be the tax-free employer reimbursements for medical expenses: it sure is a great benefit after all, the taxes getting reduced or discounts offered on medical bills because of this settlement. A great benefit for sure.
  • There will also be a tax-free treatment for employee discounts and no-additional-cost services: this for sure is another great benefit that you will have from the tax breaks when getting a divorce and it works for both the parents for that child. A great benefit for sure
  • There are also tax-free distributions from (MSA) medical savings accounts this is when the distribution is used to pay the child’s qualified medical expenses
  • There are many other tax advantages too such as the tax-free employer provided coverage under a health plan
  • You get to have, or in this case both the parents get to have the tax-free distributions from health savings accounts.

This rule only applies to parents who are

  • Divorced
  • legally separated
  • or live apart at all times during the last six months of the year
  • and the following tests are met:
  1. If and only if over half of the child’s support during the year is provided by the child’s parents
  2. The child is in the custody of one or both parents for more than half the year
  3. The child is a qualifying child or qualifying relative of one of the parents

Kinds of Structured Annuities

There are several kinds of annuity plans that a company may offer. The people like to choose the better ones. These annuities are won, or bought or sold. If won may be not taxable, especially if it is an injury case; if used as an investment then these will be taxable. Some are future income some are awards and some are the payments that you might be making. Here are the 2 types of annuity settlements that you may learn about to be interesting.

1) An Annuity Purchased to Provide Future Income

As the name tells you, these are the annuity payments that you will be buying from some company. These are a source of your income. These annuities are in a way better options as these might be sold in the future. One has the option to do so. Life happens and no one knows what’s ahead. You may need some large sum of money at a point, so when you do you will be able to sell these purchased annuity payments. A structured settlement buyer purchases these future payments from you and offers you a lump sum in exchange. This money that you get will help you with the current financial need.


2) A Structured Settlement from a Lawsuit

These are the most famous ones. The structured settlement that is a result of a settlement or an injury lawsuit or any other lawsuit can end up in getting you some annuity payments. The payments will be made according to a proper schedule. There is an agreement signed by the courts consent. These are the most common kinds of annuities.  Every day we see lots and lots of people getting into some property settlement, divorce settlement, accident settlement and many others all which end up in a structured settlement payments.

About the settlements and lawsuits

These lawsuits and settlements are the ultimate protection tool that a person can use against the people or organizations who hurt him or her. These laws have been made since the 19th century. We do know that the manufacturers around the US have been developing products that have incorporated asbestos into thousands of everyday products. These are also the ones who are danger to the people. If they do not carry out the manufacturing process properly the asbestos can damage the health.

These laws were introduced in order to help the people who are injured to make some money. Get some cash as they are disabled or not able to work due to their condition, it was named then the structured settlement. Today it has a very complex meaning. It is not just the award anymore, it is more than that; it is an investment.


There are many companies which are still manufacturing products with the asbestos. It can expose the people and get them the deadly diseases like, asbestosis or mesothelioma. For this reason the federal government has made the laws. People can get the lawsuit filed against the company or person ending up in a structured settlement payment.

If there are people who have been diagnosed with asbestosis or mesothelioma due to exposure of the asbestos can hire an attorney and start the lawsuit. The other person or manufacturer will be held responsible for his actions. The court will then decide and make a settlement plan after looking into the matter. As it is the court involved, legal issue may arise, so you need an experienced lawyer. Hire a lawyer who has been dealing with these cases. He will surely know how and what to do to get you the compensation. Get a good lawyer who will not just help but also explain the laws.

Mesothelioma lawsuit Process

Every lawsuit has a formal procedure which has to be followed in order to come to a structured settlement. The laws are not too shabby but have been made for the betterment and welfare of the people. If you have been diagnosed with some asbestos-induced disease, then you must think it quick and consider hiring a mesothelioma lawyer. These types of diseases are most often caused due to negligence of others. So, if you are looking for some compensation, then it is time that you got a lawyer. File the case against that person and make him or her pay for exposing you to asbestos. This process will help you get to a structured settlement in the end.


First Prepare:

Consider the legal options. You need to be prepared and know who really is responsible for the disease. Who is responsible for your condition? Find a lawyer or the court in which you will file your lawsuit.


First you need to gather information and then file the case against that person. Get information about the structured settlement laws or the mesothelioma laws in your state.


Once youfile the case the other person will surely respond and might even fight back with his or her lawyer. Be ready for the court trials.


At this time the case is in the court and the lawyers try and negotiate and gather evidence and put in front. It may take several months, as the documentation is not an easy process and the court has to take its time too.


The end is the structured settlement. Once the judge listens to the case and the lawyers, he will then make a decision. Make the decision that who will be paying the money (compensation) to whom. The settlement money can be negotiated and the lawyer will help you with it.